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Fixed Annuities
A fixed annuity is an insurance contract that guarantees the insurer will pay the purchaser a guaranteed, fixed interest rate on their contributions to the annuity for a specific period of time. Fixed annuities are at lower risk than variable annuities and can provide a steady stream of income in retirement. Fixed annuities are the simplest and most straightforward type of annuities. They also provide the most predictable and reliable income stream, usually with the lowest fees.

Indexed Annuities
An indexed annuity is a contract issued and guaranteed by an insurance company. You invest a premium in return for protection against down markets; the potential for some investment growth, linked to an index like the S&P 500 ® Index, and, in some cases, a guaranteed level of lifetime income through optional riders.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long-term care refers to the host of services that aren’t covered by health insurance, including assistance with routine daily activities like bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed. A long-term care insurance policy helps to cover the costs of that care when you have a chronic medical condition, a disability, or a disorder. Most policies will reimburse you for the care given in a variety of places, such as your home, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.

Group Insurance — Life and Health
Group insurance covers a group of people, such as a professional association, or the employees of a particular organization. Group coverage can help reduce the problem of adverse selection by creating a pool of eligible people who belong to the group for reasons other than the wish to buy insurance. Grouping individuals together allows insurance companies to give lower rates to companies resulting in cheaper group rates.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is a legally binding contract that provides financial support to surviving dependents or other beneficiaries after the death of an insured person. There are many different types of life insurance available that can be customized to fit your needs including Universal Life, Term Life, and Ordinary Life.

Disability Income Insurance
Disability insurance is a form of insurance that insures the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk that a disability creates a barrier for a worker to complete the core functions of their job. Disability income benefits offer a monthly income so the policy holder can cover regular expenses while he or she is unable to work.