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The Patrick Organization was established in 1968, providing Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Investments.

We feel that the protection of principle and guaranteed lifetime income is most important as we grow older and near retirement.


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“I’ve been friends with Mike since 1972, so I naturally thought to turn to him when I changed jobs in 1987 to ask him about my retirement planning options. It was the first time doing business together and I’m glad I went to him. He did an incredible job with my money! I’ve been retired now for 20 years and I have a comfortable retirement for life. And our friendship is still just as strong as ever!”Don C., York, PA
“I haven’t had good experiences in the past with financial and insurance providers, and I worry about the volatility of the markets, so I was skeptical of a new referral. But Mike really wowed me, and continues to impress me by the way he listens, tailors an individualized plan for me, and respects my risk comfort level. Thanks to the decisions we made together, when the market is down, I don’t lose any money! Mike’s given me peace of mind in my retirement.”Hazel Z., York, PA
“Mike is the best! He answers all of my questions and is never pushy like some providers. He helped me to understand and diversify my financials for retirement, he’s informative and responsive, and he is just a downright good person. I even referred him to my son and daughter!”Ann L., York, PA

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Protect your retirement account with guaranteed principle and a potential guaranteed lifetime income.


Life insurance: the miracle money machine. Delivers the right amount of money at the perfect time.


No retirement plan is complete without a plan for Long Term Care.

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